About us

 LBGPR is now CLOSED (July 2013)

This rescue has been set up independently to provide care for unwanted and neglected guinea pigs in response to the huge numbers looking for good homes. The welfare of the guinea pigs in our care will ALWAYS come first and this is reflected in our rehoming policies, guidelines and current practice.

Given all the current evidence too, Little Brambles will only rehome piggies to homes where the hutch is brought inside a weatherproof area from October to March. This can be a shed, garage, utility room, unused wendy house, summer house, barn or old coal shed/log store. We do not rehome where the guinea pigs will remain outside throughout the year as it is detrimental to their welfare and can seriously effect their health.

Please remember that many of the guinea pigs will have had a poor start and may require extra sensitivity and attention. Whatever their characters though, we want all our rehomed guinea pigs to enjoy the very best homes. We rehome throughout the South Devon area, mainly Plymouth, Torquay and the South Hams. Rehoming outside our area will only be done in exceptional circumstances.

As we only have a small number of guinea pigs in at any one time we may not have anything suitable for you at the moment but you are welcome to go on our waiting list. Alternatively, try another guinea pig rescue near you. Details can be found on the Guinea Pig Rehome website.

Whilst being cared for in our home the guinea pigs are treated as our own. They are loved and cared for, enjoying daily fresh food, clean hutches, good quality hay and treats and lots of love and cuddles. They will have received any necessary veterinary treatment and each guinea pig has a health check prior to adoption with suitable families. Care sheets giving advice on housing, bedding, diet and health are all available. It is the responsibility of Little Brambles GPR and the new owner to ensure their future is a brighter and better one and that all their needs are met by their new family. Help and advice are available, we are always happy to help out, just call.

As guinea pigs (cavies) are such sociable characters it is the policy of Little Brambles not to rehome single guinea pigs unless there are existing piggies of the same sex within the household and they can be matched up or bonded with them. We generally rehome them in bonded pairs or an existing group. A solitary guinea pig is not a happy one and it is unkind to expect it to live its life in isolation, particularly if it is living as an outdoor pet. Under no circumstances is a guinea pig adopted from LBGPR to be used for breeding. It is not our policy to add further to the already considerable number of unwanted pets.

Neither will we rehome any guinea pig that is to be housed with a rabbit as they are entirely different species, with very different needs, especially dietary. In addition, adult rabbits can cause serious injuries to a guinea pig, therefore not at all a suitable companion. Rabbits can also carry diseases which can be a hidden danger to piggies.

It is also the policy of LBGPR to welcome back into our care any of our rehomed guinea pigs that the owner, for whatever reason, is no longer able to care for. Our only concern is for the welfare of the guinea pig and we understand entirely that sometimes things don’t work out and circumstances change. Just contact us, we will help.

Our rescue is funded entirely by ourselves but we do ask for a small voluntary contribution when you adopt an animal from us. We hope that by giving a donation you feel that you are directly helping the next needy guinea pig. However, nothing is more important than a suitable home. All homes are visited and with the rise in fuel costs it is appreciated if that too can be considered when making an donation.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and that you will find the information it contains useful. However, please remember that there is no single perfect way to care for piggies and the advice and information simply reflects our own practices and opinions.

We are of course happy to answer any queries you have about guineas but please check out the information on the website first. Thank you.



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