Bathing – part 2



    • Place one dry towel on the draining board (this is to sit us on to shampoo us and in between rinses.)
    • Fill the bowl half full with hand warm water (beware not too warm / dripping tap)
    • Take us on the palm of your hand and gently lower our back legs into the water, right up to our middle. Keep your hand there and continue to support our front legs on your wrist. Any lower and we might panic.
    • Using the small plastic cup gently saturate our coats, shoulders and back. Leave our ears and face alone, thank you.
    • Put a strip of shampoo down our spine and massage in really well. We can sit on the draining board/towel whilst you continue to massage us. Do not let us go, continue to support us all the time.
    • use a little bit of foam (not shampoo) to wash our ears and gently wipe our face/ears/nose with a damp cloth/cotton wool. Avoid our eyes.
    • Back in the water for a rinse, pour one jug/bottle of water over us to rinse all shampoo off.
    • Empty the bowl and refill with warm water again.
    • Repeat the shampoo, massage and rinse (2nd jug/bottle) process again, supporting us all the time. Pay particular attention to our derriere!
    • Ensure all the shampoo is rinsed off and the water is warm.
    • Wrap us in a dry towel and rub us gently paying particular attention to our chest and hindquarters. Remove as much water as possible.
    • Rub us gently again with the 3rd dry towel and then place us in the cardboard box (with fresh hay and our treat) in a warm room, out of any draughts, to dry off properly. Keep other pets away. We could of course sit on a dry towel on your lap and watch the television with you!
    • IMPORTANT Please do not put us back in our hutch until we are completely dry and warm. Summer time it will be several hours, the winter time it is better for us to stay indoors overnight.

It is not advisable to shampoo a pregnant sow, a guinea pig under 12 weeks or to use shampoo within 48 hours of worming/using Ivomec on your guinea pig.


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