Care of Our Rescue Guineas

DSC06192_400_x_300 Life here at Little Brambles

When guinea pigs arrive here at Little Brambles they become part of our family and are cared for in exactly the same way as our own piggies. We spend time settling them in and getting to know them before allowing them to become available for adoption.

This is the story of two little piggies that came here to the rescue and demonstrates how they are cared for by Little Brambles.

Our family didn’t want us any longer so Aunty Louise came to pick us up in a nice hay lined carrier and brought us here to the rescue. She gave us a quick once over to ensure that we weren’t in need of any immediate medical help. She trimmed our nails and checked over our coats. We both had a few mites but weren’t in too much of a state. Then we were given a Vitamin C supplement because with the trauma of our move our reserves would soon be depleted. Then we were put in our hutch and left to explore. We were in a little shed on our own to begin with just in case we brought in any nasty bugs or anything before joining the other pigs, in the purpose built rescue pig room, when we were given the all clear.

Our hutch is really spacious and in it we all have a wooden hidey house and a tunnel. We also have a tray for our vegetables and a bowl of dried food, Science Select, available at all times. Our bedding is lots of good quality hay on top of newspaper. The whole hutch is cleaned out twice a week and disinfected with Trigene too.

Aunty Louise likes to provide us with a routine and a really good diet which helps us settle here quickly. Early every morning when she lets the chickens out we have our first fresh meal of the day, usually a mix of 3 or 4 vegetables. She comes in with a great big full bucket and a big spoon and puts the veg on our trays. When we had been here a while and felt brave she let us choose our first piece of veg straight out of the bucket, loads of piggies do that here. She always leaves the pig room with an empty bucket! It’s also a good opportunity for her to visually check we are all ok and behaving in our normal manner, nothing to be concerned about. When we first arrived we just had a little bit of veg at a time as we weren’t used to it and Aunty Louise didn’t want to give us bloat or a poorly tummy so although it seemed a bit mean to begin with it was for the best, she carried on the Vit C supplement though which we loved. However, we soon progressed to full veg portions though.

Later on in the morning we are either cleaned out or spot cleaned. The boys have to be done first otherwise they get all rumbly if they can smell us girls on Aunty Louise’s t shirts! We are all given a great big ball of extra hay to popcorn through or eat or lie on. We prefer to eat ours as the hay here is yummy. Our water bottle is emptied every day and replaced with fresh water. The whole bottle and spout is soaked in Milton once a week and scrubbed clean. We also have a clean food bowl every day. All the hutches are in a purpose built brick extension to the house, overlooking the lovely Devon countryside. There are no outdoor hutches as Aunty Louise likes us to stay out of the damp air. For many of the rescued piggies this is the first time they are warm, dry and cosy. She likes to keep us togther in our bonded pairs too, she wouldn’t split us up unless we had major fall outs – which of course we wouldn’t do (!) So we can remain with our life long friends which is lovely.

Every lunch time Aunty Louise brings us a treat. The list is very long that she chooses from but it’s always welcomed by the pigs in the shed. It is only a very small treat like a Spillers pony nut or a small handful of Timothy hay. The other choice of treats we have enjoyed so far is oat hay, alfalfa hay, brome hay, meadow hay, a twig of hazel or apple tree, bunny delight from Pampered Piggies, fresh parsley, clover, plantain leaves, readigrass, dried peas, a pinch of porridge oats, a strawberry or a black cherry or grape ………… and so the list goes on. We are also very lucky as Aunty Louise has a small field that she can go in and pick wild grasses and flowers – they are so lovely when they are freshly picked and we slowly learn that people are a good source of food and this contact throughout the day gives Aunty Louise a chance to get to know us too. If the weather is really good we go out in the purpose built runs in the field for lawn mowing duties, we love this as the grass is truly lush and it’s a very important job!

At around teatime we then have our second lot of veggies for the day and maybe a little bit of fruit. We are checked again and then closed up for the night, unless Aunty Louise can’t resist just one more pop in and see later on inevitably with a handful of grass in her hands, Yummy!

Within the first ten days we were closely monitored to ensure we were settling ok and eating and drinking. We were also given a lovely bath ucts and given some treatment for our mites which was followed up two weeks later too. We were weighed after a few days and now each week we are weighed and it is recorded on our chart. This helps Aunty Louise to see that we are either getting better/worse, remaining healthy or may possibly even be having babies. It helps her also to make a decision about when we will be available for adoption. When we are at our weekly weigh in we are also checked thoroughly everywhere just to make sure we are fit and well. No lumps or bumps, no scabs or yukky bits anywhere.

So as you can see we have a busy life here at Little Brambles, with lots of lovely things to look forward to throughout the day, all especially designed to keep us happy and healthy of course. What we do miss though is that chance to have a family just to ourselves, maybe a home indoors with a lap to sit on and a bit of TV. However, Aunty Louise always does her very best for us no matter how long we have to stay here with her. So, if you can offer us a home with all the care and kindness we have here please contact Aunty Louise here at Little Brambles

Will wait to hear from you.


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