I’m new to guinea pigs. Should I get boars or sows?

You must choose the guinea pigs that you feel best suit your set up. Either boars or sows make wonderful pets and when choosing your new companions we advise you to look more at their character than anything else. Also look at how easy they are to handle and how friendly they are. It is recommended that only two boars live together. They can sometimes have their disagreements but if given enough space and exercise many bonded pairs live quite happily together without any problems. However, introducing a third one often proves to be a disaster. Sows can live in groups of two or more and generally speaking get on well together. Several “mum and two daughter” family groups have been adopted and this seems to work well. In addition, some rescues have available neutered males – one neutered male can live with one or more females and that is a combination that works well too. Their ability to be tame and friendly applies to both boars and sows and this usually reflects the amount of handling they have received rather than whether they are male or female.

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