I have cats, will they get on with guinea pigs?

If common sense is applied then having cats and guinea pigs living in the same household should never pose a problem. We have cats here at the rescue and have never had a problem yet. Inevitably, cats will be curious about the guinea pigs but by using sensible precautions they can live together. If the piggies are housed indoors then they must be in sturdy secure housing with good bolts (not swivels) on every door. Obviously an open hutch is not acceptable. If you provide the piggies with a hiding place too in their hutch then they will feel secure when the cats are around. It is quite normal for cats to sit ontop of a hutch and peer in but in our experience after a while the piggies take no notice although limiting the cats opportunity for doing this is a good idea (place obstacles in their way). If your piggies live outside then they may be an invitation to neighbourhood cats and again a strong and sturdy secure hutch is essential. When your piggies have floor time/being bathed in the house then it is important that the cats are kept out of the room and the pigs are never left unsupervised. Equally, when they are outside in the garden run ensure that the piggies have somewhere to hide and that all doors are completely secure. Please make sure too that the run cannot be tipped over and it is well worth putting something like a piece of ply on top of the run so that the cats can’t pester the piggies. This also acts as shade too. It is possible for cats and piggies to live in harmony so please don’t be put off being a piggy owner! So just use common sense – make access to their housing impossible and supervise when they are having floor time/bathing. Dogs however may pose a different problem and you must remain vigilant at all times. Sadly, we have heard stories of dogs digging under runs and attacking piggies :(

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