I don’t live in Devon, can I still adopt a guinea pig from you?

The answer is probably not. This is because all potential homes are visited to ensure that the guinea pigs are going to an appropriate home and it would be difficult for us to travel further afield. In addition there are a great many guinea pigs around the country looking for homes and most probably one very near to you. It is unfair of our rescue to deprive your local guinea pig rescue of a kind and loving home. It’s not always good for piggies to travel too far and if things don’t work out it is our policy that the piggie must be returned to us – this would make it more difficult to implement. However, there are times when it is wise for us to make an exception so it is always worth asking. You will however be strictly vetted and will need to provide a vets reference as well as evidence that you are an experienced owner with a real committment to guinea pigs and their welfare, in addition to photographs of your set up. Please be advised too that due to the increase in fuel costs a donation towards fuel will be expected. Email us for further information.

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