I need to rehome my guinea pigs. Can you take them in and what happens now?

We understand entirely that people’s circumstances change and it is not always possible to continue looking after much loved pets. Whilst we do not in anyway promote breeding either we also understand that sometimes people get in a pickle and need help with rehoming baby guinea pigs.. We are not here to make judgements, we are here to help piggies in need. However, we can only admit a small number of guinea pigs in at any one time as we like to give them as much care and attention as possible so it may be that we do not currently have any available space. In those circumstances we would advise you of other organisations that may be able to help you. If we do have space Louise from the rescue will come to your home to pick up the guinea pigs. You will be asked to sign a form saying you are the owner and you are relinquishing any further claim on the guinea pigs. It really does not matter what condition the guinea pigs are in or how old they are. However, it is preferable for us to know what they have been eating etc. All the guinea pigs admitted here are looked after as our own, they are also health checked prior to rehoming. We carefully match up guinea pigs to their new homes and do everything we can to ensure their continued wellbeing. We would like to reassure you that they will be well looked after. Although the details of their new families would remain confidential if you would like to know how they have settled either with us or in their new homes please telephone us and just ask. Your enquiry would be most welcome.

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