Why do you do home visits?

All the guinea pigs that come to us for rehoming deserve the very best, they need us to get it right. Many of them have come from situations where they were neglected and unwanted. It simply can’t happen again and so we have to safeguard their futures. Part of that process is building up a picture of what their future will be like, how they will live, how they will eat and how they will be cared for, for many years ahead. A home visit gives us an opportunity to see that for ourselves, in an informal and friendly way. It also gives us an opportunity to give hands on advice about hutch siting/set up, bedding and diet, perhaps meet their other pets/piggies and answer any questions. It isn’t a pass/fail situation, we are here to help, educate and advise people who would like to share their lives with guinea pigs. It may be that improvements could be made in some areas but it is in all our interests if we work together and the lines of communications remain open. The guinea pigs in our care have “only us” looking out for their welfare. We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t take the utmost care and make that extra effort when rehoming them. Fortunately, most people respect our way of thinking.

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