Why not just buy a guinea pig from a pet shop?

There is an overwhelming number of rescue piggies available young, old, different coat colours and lengths and of course different personalities. Pet shops don’t specialise in guinea pigs and support and advice is very often either non existent or very poor. Frequently, incorrect information and advice is given too and this can be to the detriment of the guinea pigs. Guinea pig rescues specialise in … well… guinea pigs…. so advice is accurate and appropriate. Frequent complaints about pet shops include that the pigs aren’t healthy, they are incorrectly sexed and they are often pregnant too. In addition, you have to ask the question “Where did the guinea pig come from?” Sadly, you will never know. It may have simply been someone who had an accidental litter but it is more likely someone who is breeding to sell, to make money, to make a profit. You will have no idea of the conditions that the mother and her babies were kept in, no idea whether she has had one or five litters, in fact no idea about their welfare or health at all. By buying from a pet shop you are simply making space for the next guinea pig and so the cycle of supply and demand will continue. If a petshop finds it difficult to sell an animal then maybe, just maybe, it will reconsider its sales policy. By walking away you haven’t helped that particular pig but you may well have helped the ones lined up to take its place. Please read Why rescue? for more information.

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