What you will need

  • Large hutch/enclosure (min 4′ x 2′ (120cm x 60cm) for 2 piggies) in good condition, newspaper to line the hutch. (See photo albums for accommodation ideas)
  • Water bottle, bottle brush, disinfectant/milton
  • Absorbent bedding ie shredded paper, chopped straw, vet bed , hay, aubiouse, megazorb, fleece blankets etc (NOT sawdust or straw)
  • Heavy duty bowls for dry and fresh food (so they can’t be tipped over)
  • Good quality food – all the guinea pigs here are fed on Science Selective ( lilac bag) Others are available and Gerty isn’t the best one. Do your research.
  • Small pet carrier (for trips to vets etc)
  • Good quality pet hay (lots of it), tunnels, paper bags, nail clippers, soft brush/comb
  • Safe outdoor enclosure that is easy to move around the lawn
  • Weatherproof/insulating cover for the hutch
  • Weatherproof enclosure for winter ie shed, wendy house, garage, summer house, utility room etc


Please note – we do not rehome guinea pigs where they will live on sawdust, are housed in less than 4′ (120cm) hutches OR remain outside during the winter.012_400_x_300

Any of these practices are detrimental to the welfare of the guinea pigs and that is not what rescue is about. Thank you.

We are always happy to give advice on housing, bedding, diet and general care. Seek advice before you buy.


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