Wheekly Health Check

My Guinea Pigs Health Check List

(Documents that you can download are available at the end of this page.)

My guinea pigs are called …………………………………..

My day for checking my guinea pigs is ………………………… (every single week)

I know that by checking them regularly and keeping them clean they will be happy and healthy.

Bites – sometimes even best friends have little fall outs, check under the chin

Ears – check there are no crusty or dirty bits

Eyes – they should be clear, not runny or cloudy. Check no foreign bodies in there

Feet – trim toe nails if necessary, should be no sores on the pads either

Grease gland on the tail – check it is not too dirty, may need a quick wash

Long hair – keep trimmed

Droppings – should never be loose or runny

Lumps – body lumps need investigating, vet visit needed

Mouth – check for scabs in corners

Nose – should be clear not runny

Parasites and skin – absolutely no redness, baldness, scurf or wriggly things

Teeth – should be level, not broken

Weight – their weight should remain fairly constant, get into the habit of weighing regularly and keep a record of it.grooming_1
Significant weight loss vet visit needed.

Forms to download

Documents are both in PDF format so should work on any PC or Mac with Adobe Reader installed. If you do not have this on your PC or Mac then please visit Adobe – the software is free.

Print a form out for each Piggy


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