Why Rescue?

Do guinea pigs need rescuing? They most certainly do!

In common with all other animals that people adopt as pets, Guinea Pigs need to find new homes for all sorts of reasons and usually through no fault of their own. A change in an owner’s life style can often mean rehoming a much loved pet but sadly too many are simply unwanted, neglected or bred from irresponsibly.

Sadly, up and down the country, animal rescue centres have many hundreds of rescue piggies waiting for their forever homes. Offering a rescued guinea pig a home is always preferable to buying them.

By visiting a rescue you are also able to observe the conditions that the guinea pigs are being kept in. This is in direct contrast to pet shop bought guineas. Whilst it is immediately obvious how they are kept in the shop, prospective buyers must ask themselves the question

“How are the breeding guineas (used to supply the pet shop with a never ending supply of babies) being kept?” You may inadvertently be supporting a guinea farm!

Remember too – help and advice is always available from a reputable rescue and the welfare of the piggies will be the priority.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Consider rescue.

Why choose a rescued guinea pig?

  • Rescued guinea pigs from reputable organisations will have been assessed to match them to the most suitable homes. Their previous history may be known but even if no information is available the staff will have spent time getting to know their personalities and preferences.
  • Help, support and advice is always available Most rescue centres offer advice if you are experiencing difficulties which is reassuring if you have any concerns, particularly if you are a first time guinea pig owner. Preparation and care sheets are also available prior to adoption.
  • Why buy one when you can make a donation and adopt an abandoned, homeless, neglected or unwanted guinea pig? There is a huge choice available young, old, different coat colours and lengths and of course different personalities. You will also be helping other piggies in need, not just by contributing financially but by making a space available for the next needy one.
  • Some rescued guinea pigs may be a bit more challenging because of lack of handling or their previous bad experiences but these are all the more rewarding. Taking the time to develop a trusting relationship with your rescued pet can be a hugely satisfying personal achievement.
  • If you have an existing piggie looking for a friend, most reputable rescues will take you steadily through the introduction process. Pairing up guinea pigs is not always a straightforward process, rescue workers understand this and will take the newcomer back if subsequently things don’t work out.
  • They will have received mite prevention treatment, been bathed and had an all over health check. You will also be made aware of any health issues and future veterinary needs. In addition the rescue will ensure you are not taking home a pregnant sow or an incorrectly sexed guinea pig.

Why do piggies need rescuing?

The pigs in our care have come to us for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some reasons that pigs have come to Little Brambles:

Owner moving abroad / moving into rented accommodation where pets are not allowed / children are no longer interested / developed an allergy / not wishing to spend another winter cleaning them out / males fighting / only one pig remaining and not wishing to adopt another one / owner being evicted / simply have too many and need to cut numbers / bought from a pet shop and turned out to be pregnant / not able to afford vets fees / owner no longer has the time to look after them.


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